Girl Eating SoupAsk Before You Eat!–that's the advice New Jersey's Department of Health (NJDH) and researchers at Rutgers University's Department of Nutritional Sciences are giving those with food allergies. This simple step could save their lives!

In 2005 the New Jersey Legislature directed the NJDH to conduct the Ask Before You Eat! campaign to help protect New Jersey's residents from the dangers of food allergies. The goal is to help everyone—friends, neighbors, and restaurants —understand why it is so important for people with food allergies to avoid foods that trigger allergic reactions.

To achieve this goal, the Ask Before You Eat! campaign has created factsheets for New Jersey's restaurants with advice on how to serve enjoyable and safe meals to customers with food allergies. This website also serves as a resource for restaurant owners and families with (or without) food allergies to learn to Ask Before You Eat!

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